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Security Estate

Mount Royal Security Estate helps to keep your family and possessions safe with advanced access control systems and CCTV cameras, biometric readers and 24-hour guards and surveillance.

The 6km perimeter is divided into multiple zones for easy electronic detection of possible problem spots and is enclosed by an effective yet aesthetically pleasing natural wood pole and post double electrified 2,1-meter high fence

Buying property in a security estate has the benefit that you do not have to spend extra money securing your own home with walls, electrical fences and alarms as they are already in place and managed by the estate.

Cape Town

Mount Royal is located around Malmesbury within easy access of Cape Town. It is quicker to commute to Cape Town from Mount Royal in peak traffic times than from many suburbs in the Metropole.

Residential Estate

Mount Royal Residential Estate makes provision for homes being designed in 1 of 4 architectural styles due to the scale of the proposed development and a strong market demand for individuality.

These styles are however disciplined by the prescribed building type, which limits the massing, color ranges and building materials across the styles. Individuality will thus be attained through more subtle variations in stylistic elements, while cohesion is achieved through the use of color and a common language of compatible building materials.

The prescribed building type can thus be suitably adorned and articulated to represent the following architectural styles:

security estate english country
Style 1 - English Country: A cottage style, with a dominant roof, walls toned to match the roof and white or natural timber window and door frames. Bay windows and dormer windows in tiled roofs are typical of this style.
residential estate rural victorian
Style 2 - Rural Victorian: A simpler, less adorned version of the Victorian Style.
residential estate rural tuscan
Style 3 - Rural Tuscan or Provencal style: Tiled roofs with overhangs. Textured, earth-toned walls, natural timber window frames and a non-symmetrical massing of the building typifies this style.
security estate cape vernacular
Style 4 - Cape Vernacular Style: A style of architecture typical to the region, typified by wall dominant architecture, windows which are taller than they are wide and dark roofs with a pitch of more than 40 degrees.


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