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Outlined below please find a summary of the most commonly asked questions

This page is intended as a broad overview of the main features of Mount Royal Golf & Country Estate and not to replace any of the formal documentation which forms the basis for investment in the estate.

Are Golf Estates still being Approved?

Very few! Concerns about the scarcity of prime development land, agricultural land being rezoned, water, and irreplaceable bio-habitats with special emphasis on highly endangered vegetation such as the Granite Renosterveld indigenous to the region, as well as socio-economic discrepancies in the access to these resources, have led the Government recently to revise their criteria for approving Golf Estates. Mount Royal is privileged to have been party to innovative solutions to environmental challenges and social opportunities in the diverse society that makes up South Africa. These solutions promise to form the basis for long-term viability and the platform for broad-based enhancement of life.

Is this the right time to be buying Property?

In view of the lifestyle and security offered, a Golf Estate within easy reach of a Metropole continues to be an attractive investment choice. As the Cape Town Metropole becomes increasingly congested, erven in surrounds like this are becoming hard to find.

How secure will the Estate be?

Security is recognized as being one of the foremost motivations for living in gated estates and is therefore a high priority item at Mount Royal. In addition to the fully electrified perimeter fencing surround, professional security officers under a dedicated Security Manager have been operational around the clock, overseeing the most advanced biometric access control technology available. This together with regular patrols aims at a substantial reduction in the risk that has regrettably become a feature of modern life.

What about telephone and internet services?

All 300 erven in Phase 1 of Mount Royal have already been serviced with the latest fiber optic infrastructure. Fast internet packages coupled with internet based telephony are available to all our Homeowners directly from Vodacom at current market rates.

What about the Golf Course?

The construction of the new 9 holes of the golf course has begun and its completion is formally scheduled as part of Phase 2 of Mount Royal. Already included in Mount Royal is the picturesque 9 hole Malmesbury Golf Course, generally popular for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and especially sought after in the wet Cape winter.

Who is designing the golf course?

The design of the new golf course has already been done by Mark Muller, whose career achievements include collaborations with Gary Player  and Jack Nicklaus on a number of international golf course projects. As co-founder of Golf Data, Mark was involved in turning out well known golf courses such as Killarney, Orkney, Atlantic Beach and Peacanwood.

What is the relationship between the golf club and the Homeowners Association?

Mount Royal is home to the Malmesbury Golf Club, which is responsible for its own administration and finances, making it feasible for the Home Owners Association to maintain a low levy policy. Purchasers of plots directly from the developer will be credited with one year’s free membership of the Golf Club, subject to the Club’s normal conditions.

What does the levy fee include?

The 2020 monthly levy of R1047 includes 24/7 security personnel, administration of the estate, and the running and maintenance of communal property and facilities.

What safeguards ensure the future quality standards at Mount Royal?

The Mount Royal Architectural Review Committee is tasked with maintaining the architectural integrity of the estate within the framework of the Architectural Guide. Building plans must carry the Committee’s approval before being submitted to the Municipality.

When do I need to build?

In order to discourage an unduly protracted building environment, the building of homes is required to be commenced within 2 years of the date of transfer of the erf from the developer and completed within 12 months from the date of commencement.

Can I use my own architect and builder?

Homeowners can use their own architect, provided the architect accepts responsibility for implementing the Mount Royal Architectural Guide. In addition, plans will have to be submitted to the scrutiny of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

Contractors will have to be approved by the Estate Management, which reserves the right to suspend any Contractor's clearance to operate within the Estate. A building deposit and compliance with regulations must be in place before the Contractor will be allowed to commence construction. Discipline on the part of Contractors will go a long way to eliminating security problems during the construction period and to ensuring proper quality of design and construction.

Can I use outside estate agents?

Mount Royal’s policy is based on the understanding that a Homeowner in the process of selling his property cannot be expected to have the same commitment to the remaining Homeowners as one still invested in the Estate, and that outside agents, focusing primarily on the commission, may be more likely to compromise the accuracy of information conveyed to a purchaser than the in-house agents, who have a long-term relationship with the Estate. For the protection of the remaining Homeowners, a seller may therefore use outside estate agents, provided they are assisted by our in-house agents.

What is the purpose of the Mount Royal Treasury Trust?

The purpose of the Trust is social bridge building beyond the electrified perimeter of the Estate, and as such intended as a lifestyle enhancement feature for Homeowners. The Trust is administered by Trustees periodically elected by the Homeowners.  Maintaining the Trust as a platform for meaningful engagement with the spectrum of communities that make up the social fabric of Malmesbury is made possible by a required contribution to the Mount Royal Treasury Fund of 2% of the proceeds of property resales at Mount Royal.

What is the reason for all the Documentation?

Documents have been put in place to regulate the various spheres of interest that make up life at Mount Royal and are thus an important safeguard of the integrity of the Estate and of your investment. All documentation relevant to the membership at Mount Royal is updated periodically and readily available on the Documentation page on the website.

Which are the closest schools?

Swartland High School, Double medium

Swartland Primary School, Double medium

Christian Private School Malmesbury, Double medium